How Wetroit is adapting to Covid-19 Wetroit LLC works with a fulfillment partner to print and ship our orders. We’re in regular communication with them for the latest updates of what’s going on. Our fulfillment partner is still operating and we’re continuing to accept orders. Fulfillment and shipping will take longer but your order will reach you. Your support means a lot to us, especially during this time. Stay safe and take care of yourselves.

About us

Welcome to Wetroit, which means “We are Detroit.” Established in 2016, we are an online retail outlet that offers top quality items such as men’s, women’s and youth t-shirts, as well as coffee mugs, hats and some other collections. Wetroit is for the individual that cares about everything Detroit– finished or raw, and wants to tell a story about their style. We started as a place for selling unique t-shirts and unusual gifts, but right now we are your best way to find wondrous goods that convey all your passions - much of which you won't find anywhere else in Detroit.

Wetroit is an exciting contemporary brand poised to bring unity among all Detroiters. Also, let others know that no matter what we will always have passion for Detroit We are committed to being one of the best in the marketplace, offering great customer service and a hassle-free returns policy. We sell timeless, authentically worn-in styles that people want to wear now and in the future.

We will help you stock your wardrobe with new styles, and proudly exhibit your astounding designer fashion, top-notch